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The US Premiere! Get Tickets Now for Online Viewing


The U.S. Premiere of The Boys Who Said NO! will be Thursday, October 8 - opening night of the Mill Valley Film Festival!!

The film will be available to view online nationwide October 8 through October 14, including a recorded Q&A with film director Judith Ehrlich and Resistance organizer David Harris.

Limited tickets for this virtual online screening are available now:

UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION FILM FESTIVAL - OCTOBER 25 ONLY The United Nations Association Film Festival will screen the film for its closing night on October 25 only. Tickets for the UNAFF event are viewable only in California.

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"During unsettling times, it helps to remember how we survived past struggles. Alongside harrowing, breathtaking news footage of the struggles at home and overseas, the film is a captivating account of a historic turning point in America, celebrating the amazing resilience of humans fighting for change and speaking truth to power."  Mill Valley Film Festival


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