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You can schedule a screening of the film through our distributor, Bullfrog Films. 

Bullfrog offers the option for you to screen the film either at an in-person event or virtually online. Virtual screenings can be on-demand over a 48-72 hour period or on-time at a specific day and time followed by a panel discussion. Note that on-time screenings have limited schedule availability. So please book your on-time screening early.

The date and time for your screening is totally up to you. Be sure to give yourself enough time to plan and promote your event.

There is a modest charge based on projected attendance. You can take donations or charge admission for the screenings to cover your costs or to benefit your organization or another cause.

Use this 10% discount coupon code when ordering your screening on the Bullfrog site: BOYS10

Bullfrog offers resources to help you organize and promote your screening:

  • A poster to customize with your screening details

  • High resolution photos for publicity online and in print

  • A Screening Guide with tips for planning a successful event

Learn more and schedule your screening here:


If you have any questions or need help, please contact Bullfrog Films staff at or 800-543-3764.

We hope you have a successful and inspiring screening! 

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