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February Film Update from the Producer's Desk

We're happy to report that the BOYS! Film Team has been swept up in the vortex of working to finish the film. It’s intoxicating and sometimes challenging, with many creative decisions. In other good news, our director, Judith Ehrlich, will pitch the film in early March to international broadcasters and sales agents at an Australian film festival. Stay tuned for new segments and further updates, including the film's projected release date in 2019 (still contingent on raising finishing funds). NEW YORKERS: See below for an upcoming film event. We Have a Fine Cut! We recently previewed the Fine Cut of the film developed by acclaimed editor Michael Chandler (four Oscar nominations) – who we were able to hire thanks to your support. It’s 93 minutes long and stunning! Michael has uncovered the film’s soul, showing us who resisters were, what they did, why they did it, and what happened as a consequence. These individual stories of conscience are woven together to show how the Draft Resistance Movement grew and the historic impact it triggered. Judith Ehrlich and Scott Walton are now refining the fine cut based on feedback from the film team and advisers. Next step: creating the final version of the film!

New York City Fundraising Party, Saturday, March 30 with music by Peter Yarrow & Fine Cut preview

With the help of Terry Provance of the Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee, we are organizing a fundraising party in New York City on Saturday, March 30, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. We’ll preview the first half of the new cut and provide food and beverages. We’re honored that Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary fame, has volunteered to welcome us with songs! Join us at the 15th Street Quaker Meeting House in Manhattan, 15 Rutherford Place. $25 donation for admission. More info & reserve your spot here.

Archival Rights & Permissions A big and expensive part of a documentary film like ours is determining the ownership and cost of all the essential archival video, photos and music essential that our amazing archivist, Blanche Chase, hunted down. With the funds raised last fall and winter, we’ve hired Blanche and an intellectual property lawyer, Deena Kalai, to determine what can be considered “public domain”, and therefore free, and to negotiate the cost for use of the rest.

Financial Report Our winter fundraising efforts, including the three fundraising parties, raised $58,740 towards our goal of $80,000 to cover archival rights expenses. We enjoyed ongoing and new support from 260 individual contributors and several small family foundations. We also received a $12,000 grant from the Berkeley Film Foundation. We celebrate our many financial supporters and have updated the Supporters page on the website. We are still in need of funds for post-production work to create the final film. Seeking Angels & Volunteers We are searching for special “Angels” who can help fund the still substantial finishing costs of the film. We are also in need of volunteers in New York City for our event there March 30 and in the San Francisco area for mailings, events and special projects. If you can link us with a possible angel funder, or can volunteer some time, please contact Christopher at Thanks again for your financial support and courageous heart! Our goal remains to preserve and promote to a broad audience this little-known but powerful story of the Vietnam War, and through it to show the power of nonviolent resistance. The BOYS! film will be a bridge between two generations of resisters, encouraging effective social change strategies. On behalf of the Film Team and our many dedicated volunteers, thank you for your continued support! Love & Struggle, Christopher Colorado Jones, Producer Bill Prince, Co-Producer

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