Film Clips

The Boys Who Said NO! had its inspiration at a reunion gathering of 70 draft resisters in San Francisco and Mill Valley held in July, 2013.  The gathering was filmed, and included interviews with Joan Baez, David Harris and other draft resisters.  An additional sixteen hours of footage was shot later, including interviews with Daniel Ellsberg, former Weather Underground leader Mark Rudd, draft resisters Randy Kehlers and Bob Eaton, and historian Stewart Burns.

Below are some excerpts assembled to provide an idea of the content that will be part of the film. Please note that these are not final scenes.

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Quaker pacifist Bob Eaton talks about what led him to resist the draft and spend 3 years in federal prison to oppose the Vietnam War.

David Harris and Randy Kehler talk about their prison experiences, with footage shot clandestinely in prison by Christopher Colorado Jones.

Mandy Carter describes her time in Santa Rita Prison and how she was inspired by the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence.

Joan Baez talks about the influence of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement on her life.

Resistance founder David Harris and former Weather Underground leader Mark Rudd in a lively exchange about violence and nonviolence, and lessons learned.

Features draft resister Randy Kehler and famous whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who was influenced to release the Pentagon Papers by Randy’s willingness to go to federal prison rather than serve in Vietnam. Also featured are singer/activist Joan Baez and Martin Luther King, Jr.