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As the war in Vietnam raged, one of the largest and most successful youth-led resistance movements in American history was growing at home.

Hundreds of thousands of young men opposed to an unjust war said NO to being drafted into the military, risking up to five years in federal prison. Their individual courage and collective nonviolent actions helped end a tragic war and the draft.

Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Judith Ehrlich, The Boys Who Said NO! tells for the first time the inspiring story and impact of the draft resistance movement.


“Some films are too important not to see. The Boys Who Said NO! is one of those films.” 

  – Documentary Drive

“A stand out film . . . Profound and startling in its revelation of how the revolution to justice starts with one person understanding their power to say no. Fascinating because it is a movement from the beginning to end offering lessons learnt to future fighters for justice.”

  – Annie McLoughlin, Showreel

“An ode to the power of activism.” 

  – San Francisco Chronicle

The Boys Who Said NO! is available for use in colleges, schools, libraries, and community screenings through our distributor, Bullfrog Films.

Details here.

The broader release of the film follows a successful film festival run, winning 4 top awards, along with many great reviews. 

International sales agents are currently pursuing broadcast and streaming to reach a worldwide audience. 

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“Magnificent, important... a great film of the Vietnam era, of nonviolence, and of how another world is possible. It couldn't come at a better time.”  
–Prof. Michael S. Foley, Historian/Author

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