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June 10, 2019

David Harris, draft resister and writer, speaks on "Playing it Forward: What happened in the Sixties and what can it teach us today?"

His 50 minute presentation was part of a conference at...

May 13, 2019

May is less than two weeks old, but already we’ve shown half of the BOYS! fine cut to small groups in Palo Alto, California, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington

We were honored to be invit...

February 27, 2019

We're happy to report that the BOYS! Film Team has been swept up in the vortex of working to finish the film. It’s intoxicating and sometimes challenging, with many creative decisions. In other...

October 31, 2018

On a lovely Thursday in October our film team did a follow-up interview with Joan Baez in her forest home to fill in some story gaps. We are very grateful to Joan who generously made time for u...

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Draft Resistance & the Vietnam War

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