Our story opens to a cacophony of flashbulbs and reporters’ questions as they surround Joan Baez and David Harris, just sentenced to three years in prison for refusing military induction. Narrating archival footage of the period, Harris describes his evolution from Boy of the Year at Fresno High to registering voters in Mississippi during Freedom Summer of 1963. There Joan and David on Look Magazinehe learned the techniques of nonviolent civil disobedience and experienced its powerful impact. Back in Palo Alto, the Stanford student body president inspires many young draft resisters with his articulate organizing style.

This film asks serious questions and documents the extraordinary courage and power of nonviolence, but it is also a film of California in the 1960’s, a unique collision of celebrity, counter-culture, and conscience. The most famous couple of the anti-war movement, Mr. and Mrs. Peace, David Harris and Joan Baez, graced the cover of Look Magazine.  This is a story with real drama, of deeply held beliefs, personal sacrifice, the horrors of war, the power of nonviolent civil disobedience, and true believers putting their bodies on the line to say no to war.

Abundant and stellar archival footage will tell much of our story, and intimate contemporary interviews with veterans of this struggle and scholars on the subjects will put the events into context.  Through home movie footage shot secretly by Christopher Colorado Jones while incarcerated, we experience life inside the prison.