Through a carefully sequenced distribution strategy Boys Who Said No! will reach, inform and inspire millions of viewers in the U.S. and worldwide.

The release of the film will provide an opportunity to explore a lesser known, but important aspect of the Vietnam War — the significant role tens of thousands of young men who refused to cooperate with the draft played in ending the war and the draft through their nonviolent resistance, along with their legacy today.

Major premiere events will be organized in several cities, starting with San Francisco, and will feature appearances by central figures in the film, as well as local draft resisters. Premiere events will be followed by screenings at select film festivals to help build greater awareness and interest in the film.

National partner organizations will be engaged to help support a limited theatrical run and local community and college campus screenings. A Screening Action Guide and promotional materials will be developed to help groups organize successful screenings and inspire attendees to get involved with local and national groups.

During the period the film is screening at festivals and other venues, we will begin marketing Boys Who Said No! for sale to colleges and schools for classroom use, both through DVD sales and through digital platforms.

In the next phase of distribution, Boys Who Said No! will reach the wider public through broadcast on Public Television. The film will be submitted to several PBS documentary strands for a national feed, including POV and Independent Lens.

At the time of the broadcast, the home video version of the program will be released at a lower cost on DVD and for digital download and viewing through a variety of outlets, such as iTunes and Amazon. Later the film will be available on cable channels, such as Free Speech TV, followed by availability on cable VOD and Netflix, as well as online through Hulu and SnagFilms.