A documentary film in-progress on the young men imprisoned for resisting the draft during the Vietnam War

Over the past 200 years, nonviolent direct action movements in the United States fought to abolish slavery, win women’s rights, and advance civil rights, equality, disarmament, and peace.

In that tradition, tens of thousands of young people during the 1960s and 70s followed their consciences and actively refused to cooperate with the draft and the Vietnam War. The government sentenced 3,200 draft resisters – who publicly refused to register, or to go when drafted — to prison for up to five years.

What impact did the actions and imprisonment of these young men have on their lives, on society, and on the war, and what are the lessons for today? We tell their stories in The Boys Who Said NO! through interviews, re-creations, and archival footage.

With your support, the film will be released in early 2018